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EBITOOL is a software tool dedicated to
Financial Reporting & Controlling, Budgeting and Forecasting.

EBITOOL has a very innovative approach, which is  extremely simple and fast, but also powerful and flexible, so that is able to satisfy the different and specific  requirements of each controller, and at a very cheap price!

EBITOOL allows operations which are not included in the accounting systems ( also ERP) nor in the standard Business Intelligence Tools, which are not dedicated to satisfy the financial controller requirements, while ETHIBIT ®  is very effective in delivering complete reports and  analysis, just with a click.

EBITOOL works together every accounting software,  by which it is able to automatically extract  the data necessary  for the next step of processing and  reporting. In this way no time is wasted  in data input,  nor  mistake possibility in  "formula" typing or other.

EBITOOL has a full set of  tool and features to implement the financial reporting, Budget, Actual, Forecasting.
Outputs are available for screen, printer or file  readable by most other software applications.


Basilea 2
EBITOOL   produces a  financial reporting which complies to the standards required from Banks and Financial Institutes, as well as  to  BASILEA 2  reporting requirements. Today is very clear as all the banks will  urge the companies to have a complete set of info and financial reports.
Turn Key Product
EBITOOL can be offered integrating an analysis and  pre-configuration activity which make the package a real turn-key product, so that the start-up can be easy and fast, granting the effectiveness   of  the system  and  reducing the effort for the personnel in charge to use the software itself .
Options and Services

Software  has different options:

P&L Budget & Forecasting
P&L   Costs analysis
B.S. Budget & Forecasting
Cashflow: Budget & Forecasting

Consulting  services includes:

Costs analysis
Business Plan
Finance Advise
Key Performance Indicators
Business Process Reengineering

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